We have proudly been representing the distribution of Calgel nail styling system for over a decade.  Through all those years Calgel America dedicates our powers to the continuous promotional activities to build the brand awareness in USA.  Calgel America and Calgel USA, a few key distribution authorities are exchanged each idea and passion into this brand to bring this product successful.  Calbrook International pty ltd (founder of Calgel in 1981) originally invented soak-off-able light curable gel for nails in South Africa, to make an epoch.  Soon this innovative trend becomes the new standard of nail coating product across the nation in Europe.  UK is still the biggest market of this renowned system.   It didn't take time that the trend has reached other side of the Atlantic, and then Japan, Australia, Taiwan etc.  Calgel is natural looking and comfortable to wear, contrary to its solid bonding quality Calgel can be removed very easily just like the nail lacquer removals.  This flexibility is the cutting edge technology .

More than 30 years, Calgel is strictly faithful to an original formula, so its still single light source (UV : 365nm band) system because we know the safety of UV gel nail application, Calgel does not follow the crowd, we don't even support any scare-tactics such as uncertain health issues of gel manicuring.  Any other brand stands defacto system for over 30 years.   Calgel is the proven safety.  Your naturally the best...  we are looking forward to serving you for more thriving business. 

It is our 11th anniversary this year, we appreciate the continuous patronage and support extend to us....