Calgels's best selling product for over 10 years, CG00 Natural Clear, very transparent and with the perfect consistency that allows thin applications, the clear Calgel is the most versatile.  Not only is it a base gel and top coat in one, it can also be used for sculptured nails, overlay, and 3D nail charms etc.

Calgel is gas-permeable and does not block transpiration from the nail underneath.  Natural moisture from the nail bed can permeate the gel layer, preventing fungus infection and peeling of the gel.

The most outstanding feature of Color Calgel is the thin, natural looking application as well as its vibrant color.  Available in a wide range of colors, you can also mix Color Calgel to create your original hue and is excellent for a variety of gel nail art presentation.  

New LED Technology works for curing Calgel

New LED technology changes the compatibility barrier, Dual Core LED chips emits wide band of light sources (365nm ~ 405nm : UVA ~ Visible Light) and this new LED chip ensures the perfect curing of Calgel.  You don't need to switch brand, simply altering the hardware and provide LED environment to your customers.

Still looking for any LED Gel that is compatible with Calgel?